SALT sprouted from an Airstream trailer at Dubai Kite Beach with the idea that real ingredients taste better.


It is more than just a burger place where you eat quickly and go.


SALT takes pride in creating a lifestyle movement where guests are welcomed as part of the SALT family, calling everyone ‘Salters’ and going the extra mile to make sure everyone enjoys the experience.

Meet our founders

As the region’s most forward-thinking and innovative restauranteurs Deem Albassam and Amal Al Marri are constantly motivated to advance, influence and shape the culinary landscape.

Amal Al Marri

Amal Al Marri is a designer and event creator who pursued her interest in the restaurant business in 2013 after graduating from Zayed University with an Interior Design degree.


Al Marri believes that simplicity and precision are key. She aims to inspire people by bringing them together through simple, yet innovative culinary experiences.


Together with food entrepreneur and close friend Deem Albassam, Indpt was formed – a food movement that celebrates the open spaces of the United Arab Emirates with simple, yet premium dining experiences.

Left to right - Amal Al Marri, Deem Al Bassam

Deem Albassam

Deem Albassam is an experienced food entrepreneur with a degree in Marketing from the American University in Dubai and a passion for culinary creations. She has an eye for recognizing gaps in the region’s restaurant scene and has mastered the implementation of the “you eat with your eyes first” adage. 


Deem believes that marketing and hospitality are integral to shaping the perception of a brand, and her mission is to constantly reinvent peoples’ interests by offering places fueled with energy and passion for socializing and sharing good food.